Audio Visual Kinetics

Our patent pending core technology “Audio Visual Kinetics” or “AVK” is the direct outcome of over many years of collaborative research conducted at some of the world’s premier research institutes. such as the Swiss Federal Research Institute (EPFL) and the Indian Institute of Science ( IISC) .

AVK technology is in effect, a cohesive ensemble of path breaking innovations spread across multiple domains ranging from audio & image analysis/processing to high speed/ parallel computing with as many as 7 patent filings as of date.

AVK overcomes major limitations in current audio capture/production for Sports broadcasting where Slow-motion
replays are played out muted and for field sports such as soccer wherein on-field microphones are rendered mostly ineffective.

Featuring a carefully crafted combination of proprietary methods involving extraction, refurbishment and Harmonisation, AVK allows for enhancement of the resolution & quality of audio production in sports broadcasting to levels that were hitherto thought unachievable.

The result is a “never before” like experience that simply redefines the way audiences will enjoy sport.

More importantly, the entire technology has been conceived to work entirely within the operational constraints of the sport broadcasting industry.


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