• LIVE
  • POST
Production Scope
  •  Live - Full Match,
  •   Live - Multi angel Replay &
         Slow Motion
  •  Near Live - Clips, Streaming
  •   Deferred - Highlights,
          Reruns & Archives
Delivery Scope
  •  Across TV, Mobile Internet
  •   Broadcast, Streaming, Clips
Salient Features
  •  Parallelised Production - Zero interference in current Setup
  •   Flexible Deployment configurations
  •  Touch Screen console with Speech recognition
  •   Mutli operator Scalability


The company’s flagship product line, SoundFive HD Audio Production Suite (HDAPS), features precision engineered software & hardware components that leverage our proprietary AVK technology to deliver stunning HD Sport Audio.

Designed bottom-up for the sport broadcasting industry, SoundFive has been carefully crafted to meet the stringent demands and ensure easy induction into current/existing production set-ups. SoundFive HD Sport Audio production is also available as a service offering for Sports broadcasters.

SoundFive is now available for deployment, after over three years of research, engineering, and successful completion of covert evaluation trials.

Write to us at  for more detailed information.

The SoundFive product line

  • HDAPS –  Live
  • HDAPS –  Replay
  • HDAPS –  Near live
  • HDAPS –  Post