Vision and Mission

A game of tennis on TV without the sound of the ball being smacked around the court would be simply unacceptable. And yet, that is precisely the kind of audio wilderness that audiences find themselves in today while watching broadcast field sports like soccer & Rugby.

And going beyond field sports, have you ever wondered why key impact moments remain inaudible in those stunning slow-motion replays ?

At AVK systems, we believe that HD Sport Audio is the answer. Unlike “surround sound” which is aimed at providing a realistic audio ambience, HD Audio is the intricate tapestry of sounds that accompanies the intensity and emotion of key events perceived in the visual.

An integral part of the experience delivered in movies, HD Audio is yet to make its presence felt in live broadcasting which has the luxury of neither the substantial production budgets nor post production perfectionism that the movie industry enjoys. Subsequently, while great strides are being made to improve the visual experience through HD and now 3D, efforts to improve the audio experience have been limited to surround sound.

At AVK systems we take pride in pioneering HD Audio for live sport, by delivering the methodology, technology and products for the sport broadcasting industry


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