11th December 2012
Media spotlight on AVK systems

Le Temps, a leading Swiss newspaper and Journal today carried an article on AVK systems. The half page article traces the history of AVK systems, its revolutionary technology and strong business potential going ahead. Written in French, the article articulates the significance of HD Audio for sport broadcasters and subscribers/viewers alike.

6th November 2012
AVK systems awarded the Swiss CTI Label

AVK systems SA was conferred the prestigious Swiss CTI label after examination by a committee of industry, intellectual property (IP), and technology experts. This marks a significant stamp of approval by the Swiss CTI (Federal Commission for Technology and Innovation) which has now certified AVK systems as “ready for sustainable business development”. The award is in recognition for AVK’s path breaking technology, strong IP portfolio, and proven business potential backed by substantive recent market traction.

31st August 2012
1 million CHF financing raised in Series A extension

AVK systems SA has successfully extended its Series A financing round through a series A plus offering. This takes the total series A financing raised to 1 million CHF. This will help AVK to ramp up its operations infrastructure for its LMD managed services as well as bolster its R&D headcount progressing into 2013 for the new product lines envisaged.

29th June 2012
HD Audio to revolutionize Soccer Broadcasts in Europe

In a landmark commercial agreement, a major European broadcaster has decided to use AVK’s pioneering HD Audio solution to enhance all its soccer broadcasts henceforth. The launch date will be announced by the broadcaster and is expected for spring 2013. Under the terms of the agreement, the “R” variant of AVK’s LSA products (Live SlowMo Audio) have been sold to the broadcaster along with AVK’s LMD Replay service. The LMD service will be managed by AVK’s operations team until 2016. For the first time ever in the history of sport broadcasting, subscribers in the heart of Europe will now be treated to soccer broadcasts with stunning HD Audio replays.

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