6th September 2010    
SELT support for SOUNDFIVETM console

AVK systems have secured a financial grant from SELT towards the development of the SOUNDFIVETM console. The console will feature a state of the art GUI driven application that will allow broadcasters to configure, deploy and Monitor HD Audio productions using SOUNDFIVETM products with consummate ease and efficiency.

27th August 2010     
AVK systems accorded CTI acceptance

The Swiss federal innovation promotion Agency - (CTI) has formally acknowledged and chosen AVK systems to be part of the highly rated CTI startup program. The decision follows a presentation made to committee members in Bern and evaluation of AVK system’s technology and business potential.

15th June 2010     
AVK systems wins FIT prize for 2010

Following a successful evaluation by a committee of technology and industry experts, the “Foundation for Innovation and Technology” (FIT) has chosen AVK systems and its HD Sport Audio concept for the prestigious FIT grant for the year 2010. Accorded only to the most promising start-ups each year, the FIT prize reinforces the growing acknowledgment of AVK’s innovative technology and the substantive value-add of its HD Sport Audio concept to the sport broadcasting industry.

10th February 2010     
AVK systems unveils its SOUNDFIVETM product line

AVK systems has unveiled the beta version of its SOUNDFIVETM product line today at its Lausanne R&D center. Effectively, the world’s first ever system capable of delivering HD Audio for sport broadcasting, SOUNDFIVETM is comprised of precision engineered hardware and software components derived from AVK system’s HDAPS 6.0 core offering. The product line will allow sport broadcasters to bring HD Audio to their audiences for soccer broadcasts.

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