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OB Van
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1. LSA Is installed in the OB van where it can receive and store raw (uncompressed) match feeds feeds 2. Broadcasters produce the TV signal using the existing field set up and broadcast procedure 3. Upon the occurance of a replay worthy event (e.g. goal scored/saved etc.,) a slow-motion replay clip is created using the current slow- motion replay creation procedure 4. Calibrations that typically take 2 to 3 seconds are made using LSA’s touch screen and voice interface 5. When the slow-motion clip is played out, LSA delivers the accompanying HD Slow-Mo Audio in sync and in real time


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Product Overview

The LSA (Live Slow-Motion Audio) Series allows broadcasters to deliver instant Slow-motion with breathtaking HD Audio during Live Broadcast.

LSA has been designed to provide broadcasters with fully automated and instant HD Audio production for Slow motion replays. The entire production process is done at the OB Van using a single dedicated 3U Server working alone or in tandem with an existing Slow-motion controller and back managed/monitored through a secured internet/leased line connection. HD Audio for slow-motion replays is available in real time (within seconds of event occurance) and can be played out as and when required /prompted by the Slow Motion controller.

See section usage/workflow for more details on how LSA is deployed and used.

Value add for Broadcasters

Slow-motion & Super slow-motion are key ingredients in today’s live sport broadcast.

SOUNDFIVETM LSA allows Broadcasters to further differentiate their live broadcast of high profile sporting action by delivering a truly never before like experience for their audiences through HD Slow-Mo Audio.The dramatic impact of HD Audio for Slow-motion and Super Slow-Motion ensures that it stands out as a much anticipated event during live broadcast for audiences.