Playing Field
OB Van
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1. DRA Is installed in the OB van where it can receive and store raw (uncompressed) match feeds 2. Broadcasters produce the TV signal using the existing field set up and broadcast procedure 3. Upon the occurance of a replay worthy event (e.g. goal scored/saved etc.,) a replay clip is created using the current replay creation procedure and transferred to the DRA 4. A single operator performs a set of simple steps using DRA’s touch and voice interface to generate the HD Audio replay clip within seconds and transfers it back to the playout/storage server 5. HD Audio replay is ready for playout within seconds of event occurance.


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Product Overview

DRA (Deferred Replay Audio) allows broadcasters to deliver action replays in HD Audio for audiences during Live Broadcast.

DRA has been designed to give the broadcaster complete standalone capability to deliver HD Audio Replays during live broadcast. Based entirely on the existing infrastructure, it requires the addition of a dedicated 3U Server in the OB Van /Broadcast center, manned by a trained operator to produce HD Audio replays. The production operations are intuitive and easy to execute using a custom state of the art touch screen and voice recognition interface. HD Audio replays are ready to go on air within seconds of actual event occurance.

See section usage/workflow for more details on how DRA is deployed and used.

Value Add for Broadcasters

Action replays are an integral part of live sports programming and HD Audio Replays usher a new paradigm in the way Audiences experience this important element of today’s live broadcast.

Whereas Slow-motion/Super Slow-motion replays require expensive pitch infrastructure (camera’s), SOUNDFIVETM DRA allows Broadcasters to leverage their existing production setup to enhance key moments of their live transmission through HD Audio Replays and enthrall their audiences.