Playing Field
OB VAN / Prod.Center
AVK Remote Ops Center
1, 4

1. DMA-R Is installed in the OB van/production center where it can receive and store raw match feeds 2. Broadcasters produce the TV signal using the existing field set up and broadcast procedure 3. Multiple operators work on the regular TV Signal/Feed received through satellite/cable at the AVK remote operations centre to generate Sync Logs which are transferred to DMA-R through a secure VPN connection 4. The entire match is available in HD Audio on DMA-R within seconds of Match completion for further editing and creation of clips/ highlights etc.


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Product Overview

DMA (Deferred Match Audio) allows broadcasters to deliver their deferred/post-produced sports programming such as highlights, analysis and weekly magazines (e.g., Top goals of the week etc.,) in pristine HD Audio for their audiences across TV, internet and Mobile platforms.

DMA-R has been designed to provide fully automated HD Audio production for broadcasters. The entire production process is done at the broadcast center (or OB Van) using a single dedicated 3U Server that is managed and monitored remotely through a secured internet connection. HD Audio rendering of an entire game is achieved within seconds of match completion.

See section usage/workflow for more details on how DMA is deployed and used.

Value Add for Broadcasters

Deferred programming content constitutes a significant proportion of both rights packages and broadcast air-time. New media such as the internet and Mobile have also grown in importance.

SOUNDFIVETM DMA allows Broadcasters to greatly enhance the attractiveness of their post-produced sport programming content through HD Audio so as to completely transform the experience for their audiences across TV, Internet and Mobile platforms.