2006HD Sport Audio Concept conceived during the  Soccer World Cup in Germany

Jan 2007, Research collaborations with premier research institutes established

May 2007, Initial evaluations and proof of concept completed.

July 2007, Design & development of SoundFive HDPAS  gets underway

2009, Successful completion of covert evaluation trials

Feb 2010SoundFive HDPAS officially launched

Who we are

AVK systems is a Swiss technology firm dedicated to taking the audio experience in compelling broadcast content such as sport to a new high. For over 3 years now, the company has been actively involved in the design & development of products and services for the HD Sport Audio concept it has pioneered. Headquartered in the Olympic capital city of Lausanne, the company works in close collaboration with leading sport broadcasters, TV/Mobile operators, and sport federations to ensure solutions that are truly bespoke for the sport broadcasting industry.

With a the team of over 25 scientists, engineers & broadcast professionals, we at AVK systems are looking to deliver more breakthrough products & services in the near future.